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John Lee Dumas
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Ryan D. Lee
Helping Experts Use Their Knowledge, Skills, Expertise & Results For Themselves & Those They Serve To Launch Their Expertise Online, Scale Their Impact While Building A Legacy!

This is how we advance society and make this place we call home a better place.
Legacy Builders with Bryan Dulaney is for anyone who wants to tap into the exploding industry of self-education that is expected to triple from $400M per day to $1B per day industry by 2025.

If you have knowledge, skills, expertise or results for yourself and others... you can launch your expertise online, scale your impact and build a legacy that goes on for future generational impact.

Bryan shares his direct experience of generating more than $300M of revenue for his clients, partners and his own campaigns that he's been running since 2006 while working on his masters degree at Liberty University.
Welcome to Legacy Builders with Bryan Dulaney!

On this show, you will learn how to launch your expertise, scale your impact, and build your legacy as Bryan shares the secrets from his journey of building multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses for himself and for his clients and partners that he serves.

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Legacy Builders with Bryan Dulaney
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Bryan DULAney
Bryan Dulaney is a MIRACLE.

And for good reason.

In 2003...

Bryan died.

But God had a different plan for Bryan which included bringing him back to life with a specific purpose: help others share their stories by sharing his.

Bryan didn’t waste his second chance at life and has since then dedicated his business to serving others, building legacies, and raising up Legacy Builders.

He’s been blessed to have used his gifts, team, and expertise to launch more than 20 people and their companies to 7-figures, and more than 5 to 8-figures through, The Perfect Funnel System and Funnel Day Experiences, where he and his team map out, build, and launch & scales businesses through personalizing the fastest and most efficient path to 7-figures per year (or per month) for your business.
He’s honored to be able to say that he’s helped his business and his partners earn over $300 Million in online revenue since 2006, but more importantly, build legacies that impact millions of people’s lives around the globe. His ultimate vision is to impact and touch over 1 Billion people. Want to help him do just that?

He’s also ranked as one of the Top 1% of the Top 1% of all marketers in the world—yes, that’s the entire planet!— who also use a platform called ClickFunnels.

Through his partnership with ClickFunnels, he’s been awarded four cars and over $600,000 in commissions as one of their Super Affiliates. Needless to say, he goes all in with his support for those who believe in changing the world for the better.

He attributes all of his achievements to God’s wisdom and blessing, his team, and his affiliation with key masterminds and influencers like Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle, and his very own Lion Chasers and Legacy Builders Masterminds, where he equips men and women with high performing mindsets, principles, and habits to building business empires and legacies.

He firmly believes that we are better together with the verse,  “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

In his most recent work with industry Titans Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson and their launch for their capstone training course, The Knowledge Business Blueprint,  Bryan and his team helped them earn over $1 Million in just two weeks from just the sales he brought in for them, which earned him a seat at the round table as a Top 5 affiliate partner on the biggest launch in history.
And better yet, now over 30,000 people will have their lives radically changed and go on to impact the world further through this program.
However, despite the amazing success he’s been blessed to experience for his own business and of those he’s helped, his mission doesn’t stop there.

He’s always on the hunt for his next success story and has his sights on an even grander vision: stadiums full of people experiencing incredibly powerful breakthroughs.

You can learn more about Bryan Dulaney, and Perfect Funnel System, and how he can help you exceed your goals and vision by contacting him at or

He would love to help you increase your income, influence and impact in a big way.

His legacy is helping you build yours.
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